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Hi, I am Clarah.

I'm a paradox, an Aquarius sun + Cancer moon/rising, and fiery Aries in Mars! Born in Brasil, but my heart really belongs to San Francisco!

Deeply passionate about
traveling (that's also part of what I've been doing for the last 15 years), freedom, and helping people; I spent my whole life feeling lost and looking for my purpose until I finally found it. And EFT tapping was part of it, it's a technique I have been using since 2017, but only after getting a certification I discovered how it connected to me on a deeper level, it helped me to change and evolve, so I want to share that with the world!

This page is a space to share everything I love like travel tips, holistic techniques, makeup, routines and so much more.

& Growth

Book an EFT tapping session and learn how to boost the best in yourself!
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